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Foreign students might be forced to leave U.S

Recently the US government has made a huge decision regarding the international students who are pursuing their degrees in the United States of America. The decision is that foreign students might have to leave the United States.

It is a fact that the rate of coronavirus cases is not declining in the US which is a big worry for every individual who lives in the United States. Another huge problem is that the continuation of education for students is also getting affected. It has been also announced that top-notch Universities like Cambridge and Harvard have announced that all the students for the next year will be taught their respective courses online. Considering this extraordinary situation the government have come to the conclusion that all the international students must leave the United States and move to their respective home countries. This step is important in the eyes of the US government because there is a massive amount of international students and their accommodation is getting difficult to handle.

It must be clear that it is impossible to maintain social distancing when there is a huge number of students accommodated in hostels. Seeing all these situations closely, the decision of sending international students back to their home countries is fair enough. The universities have promised that international students will be able to continue their education online from their home countries. Its tough time for the international student body who were well settled in the US and very employed with decent salaries. We can just pray for the pandemic to end soon so that the international students return back to continue their education.

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