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George Floyd’s death protest around the World-2020

The death of George Floyd has resulted in huge national outrage. Even the arrest of Derek Chauvin has caused no reduction in the intensity of the protests all around the United States.


George Floyd was an unarmed black man who was arrested by a cop in Minneapolis. He was kneeled by Derek Chauvin who was an ex-police officer. George Floyd was moaning and begging to spare him as he was not able to breathe. Derek Chauvin kept his knee on his neck for around 8 minutes. In a choking voice he said ” I can’t breathe” but the officer showed not even a fraction of mercy. Later it was confirmed that George Floyd died. Derek Chauvin has been charged with 3rd-degree murder and 2nd-degree manslaughter. Both the charges if combined might result in 35 years imprisonment for Derek Chauvin. After this incident, some protests were peaceful while others were quite outrageous. On May 30, one man died during the protest in Detroit. The state has deployed many US military police officers in Minneapolis because that’s the place where all this incident happened. City’s Hall of Justice was put on fire by protestors in Louisville. In Houston too, there was a lot of retaliation by the public. There was an exchange for tear gas between the police and protestors. So overall the situation is continuously worsening.

We are in the 21st century with advancements in almost all fields yet still, people believe that racism exists. So, was the death of George Floyd a result of racism? You decide!

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