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Gigi Hadid Shares First Family Photo with Zayn Malik and Newborn Daughter

Gigi Hadid gave birth to a newborn daughter in September. Recently Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik celebrated Halloween with their newborn daughter. Gigi Hadid captured a beautiful photo with Zayn Malik and her daughter on the occasion of Halloween. The picture was uploaded on Gigi Hadid Instagram story.

In the picture, the former One Direction rockstar Zayn malik is wearing a cool sweater which is similar to what members of Slytherin house used to wear in Harry Potter. On the other hand, Gigi Hadid was being dressed as Samus Aran with a blue colour bodysuit. Samus Aran is a video game character from Metroid. Last but not the least, Zayn malik’s daughter was being dressed up like the Hulk.

This is the very first time when Gigi Hadid has uploaded a photo of her baby. Still! The face of the baby was not exposed by putting a sticker on the photo. Many fans are curious to know Gigi Hadid’s baby name. The name of the baby is not being decided yet.

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