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Google, Amazon, and Apple: A Rare Partnership

Those old days have gone now when you have to get out of the bed at cold nights to turn off the lights or to slide away curtains from the windows in the morning or spending time in search of your fav movie/song on the Internet. Now technology has taken place of humans (not completely though). It’s that time, where you just have to get some words out (from your mouth) and that work would be done by the tech you brought your home that Christmas day. These techs look like modern home appliances. The most famous ones are made by tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple.

It’s because of them that now you can control your whole home from the Internet, no matter if you are outside or even in some other country. But to have this much joy to control everything from the tip of your finger, the entire ecosystem should be the same. Like if you are using Apple’s Hompod then other devices like smart lights, thermostats e.t.c should be related to Apple too. Or else it won’t work

This disadvantage is really making sales less efficient. The customers don’t have that joy of controlling the home and they have to spend money on multiple products.

Even though in the home alliance industry Amazon, Apple, and Google are rivals but to solve this problem they all agreed on a rare partnership to solve this problem.

“To develop and promote the assumption of a new, royalty-free connectivity standard to increase similarity among smart home products, with security as a foundational design tenet,” the companies announced on Wednesday. “Today there is no generally adopted open standard for smart home which is built upon IP and yet IP is the protocol of the internet and is the most ordinary network-layer used in our homes and offices,”

“Many Smart Home devices use proprietary protocols today, requiring them to be tied to a home network using committed proxies and translators,” they added.

This will be called “Project Connected Home Over IP”

The goal is to make it so “customers can be confident that their device of choice will work in their home and that they will be able to set up and control it with their present system.”

Whether it will be a success or not, the group said their first product will be available in the market “in late 2020.”

Do you guys use any of the smart home appliances? If yes, then what’s your experience with them? Please share your beliefs in the given section below.

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