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Google: Another employee fired without a reason?

Google, the tech giant fired 4 of its employees in late November. According to Google, they all were involved in violating google’s policies and misusing the internal documents.

This month, the security engineer, Kathryn Spiers was fired from Google. She was also accused of violating the policy and misusing the given information. Spiers’s job was to send web browser notifications within the company. The reason that Google terminated her was that she created a browser tool to notify employees to stop acting irresponsibly with data, among other projects.

Last month Google employed a law firm known for its anti-union activities and fired four of its employees who were involved in internal activism. After that, Spiers made her mind to set up a new notification for employees. When Googlers visited the law firm’s website, they received a message through a browser pop-up: “Googlers have the right to participate in protected concerted activities. The message also included a link to a labor right notice Google was mandated to post.

When the higher administrators came to know about this, they took the electronic devices (phone, laptop) of her from the table she was working on and gave her leave for some days. After 2 weeks, on 13th December she was told by her senior that she was fired, and when she asked the detailed reason the senior denied to tell her.

Spiers knew that she didn’t violate any of Google’s policies. When interviewed by OneZero, she said that she was also interrogated 3 times for 3 weeks and was asked the same question for 8 times ‘to tell them who else was involved with me’.

“I know Google is a tech giant and is supposed to go in the depth of every matter that occurs to solve it completely. But this time it didn’t seem like that. It was like if they were trying to trick me to admit something that I haven’t done.”

“I think there are two opposed things happening,” Spiers said. “On one hand, it’s having a chilling effect. But at the same time, it’s inspiring people who never would’ve participated in organizing in the past to really think about this, and to have conversations with their co-workers.” The Communications Workers of America has filed an NLRB complaint against Google on Spiers’s behalf.

After many complaints were received to Google for firing their employees for no reason or just to save themselves from getting exposed. They sent an email related to Spiers to several media outlets, by Royal Hansen (Google executive). Which says,

“She misused a security and privacy tool to create a pop-up that was neither about security nor privacy,” Hansen wrote. “She did that without asking the authorization from her team or the Security and Privacy Policy Notifier team, and also without a business justification. And she used an emergency rapid push to do it.”

Hansen also argued that the firing had nothing to do with the content of the message. “The decision would have been the same had the pop-up message been on any other subject,” he argued.

The other employees who were fired are Rebecca Rivers, Laurence Berland, Paul Duke, and Sophie Walman.

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