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Google Chrome added a new feature to save your time

This year web browsers are updating a lot of stuff. Mozilla Firefox added a new feature earlier this year whose was to protect the privacy of users. Google Chrome too worked on the security domain and brought some new features in the application. Recently google chrome has again brought another feature whose aim is to save the date and time of users. So what exactly that feature is? Let’s find out!

“Read Later” tool is the new feature Google Chrome has come up with. The feature is integrated into the latest version of Google Chrome browser i.e V86. The read later is very helpful when you are reading a web page but want to visit it after some time. The read later feature will help you to save that particular tab instantly. Previously there was a bookmark option too but it was quite time-consuming to do that.

How to use Read Later tool

First, you have to know which version of Google Chrome you are using currently. You can know this by following the below steps.

  • Open the menu icon in the right upper corner of the screen
  • Click on Help
  • Then click on About Chrome

If you are having the v86 version then you are good to go. The following steps will help you to install read later feature :

  1.  Open your chrome browser and type chrome://flags/#read-later. Make sure that you type it in the address bar.
  2. A menu will be displayed and you have to approach the read later feature.
  3. By clicking on the drop-down menu you’ll see enable option.
  4. Click on the enable option
  5. Relaunch your browser. Here you go!
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