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Google Chrome: The new update causes massive data loss

Google Chrome, one of Google’s best products. With its initial release in 2008, Chrome has become the top Browser in the globe. It has 2.5 billion Android users and 1.5 billion other (PC, Windows, iOS e.t.c) users. 1 In every 5 person uses chrome on a daily basis.

Having this many users means Google also has to provide them regular updates for Chrome to keep engaging them. Updates are everyone’s favorite, and everybody seems to enjoy it, right? Well, this time it wasn’t the case for Chrome users. The latest update of Chrome (to update from chrome78 to chrome79) earlier this week causes some serious problems as it deletes user data from their phone, which made hundreds of millions of users angry about its poor service. According to 9to5Google and Android Police, everything was going right while storing web data when changing its location as usual but the failed migration is what causes data loss.

When Google found out about this they admit their mistake and pause the updates (this Saturday) for a while to remove the bugs from them, but it was already too late as 50% of the device users have already updated their Chrome, which caused them to lose their data.

“We are currently finding the correct strategy to resolve this issue,” said one of the Chromium engineers. “We will either continue the migration, moving the missed files into their new locations or will revert the change by moving the migrated files to their old locations.”, he added.

The Google developers have admitted to making a mistake of not moving the contents of localStorage or Web SQL into the new Chrome 79 directory, making the data inaccessible for all users.

 localStorage and WebSQL are storage mechanisms which allow a website or web app to sore data on a user’s device, inside a user’s Chrome profile directory.

“I understand that losing data puts you in very difficult positions,” admitted another Chromium engineer. “This issue is marked P0 [highest priority] so, at this point, we don’t need more reminders about how important this is for you 🙂 Please understand that the team is working on a solution that minimizes the data loss, and that can be rolled out safely… After we deploy the best mitigation that we can, we’ll figure out how to do better in the future. Thank you for bearing with us!”

The thing is that the data is technically still safe, but there’s no way to access or use it. This is the major problem when some apps completely depend upon WebView. Google is finding which apps are the hardest-hit. TwitterLite is one of those unfortunate apps as it completely relies on Google’s platform. The incident has been described as a “catastrophe” and “major issue”

The majority of the users are blaming developers for the problem, even though handling this problem is hardly in the developer’s control. Even the developers don’t know if the localStorage and WebSQL files were left behind, or the Chrome update process wiped out the date. It’s also a possibility that the ‘cleaner app’ would have deleted the data after the update operation.

Whatever the case is If you are one of those unfortunate who excitedly updated Chrome and lost their data. Their’s nothing you can do rather than sit and wait for further info from Google or a new update of Chrome.

If you have faced this data lost cause of Chrome then please share your experience in the given section below.

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