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Google Duo brand new feature released

Its been 4 years since the official launch of Google Duo. The application was made to enable video calling between users. Google Duo works on both Android and Ios operating system with version 4.1 and 9.1 onwards respectively. So let’s see what new feature google has brought into this product.

Google duo new feature:

Recently Google has added a new feature in Google Duo. This new feature will allow users to do screen sharing. The screen sharing option is available in many famous applications including Microsoft teams, zoom, etc but it was not available on Google Duo until now. Finally, this feature is now available on this video chat app. Now you don’t need to download another app to share the screen if you already have Google duo.

Android Police initially revealed this news back in September after Google’s tweet. Google had tweeted: “Share more moments with your friends on Google Duo. Now you can use screen-sharing to browse photos and videos together, and plan activities all while on a video call.” The tweet was deleted later which signalled that it was a false announcement. But in late September the option was visible on android devices.

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Google Duo Screen Sharing will soon be available for Android Recently, Google has been gracing its Google Duo app with some useful features. Now, another communication feature is being rolled out to the app: screen sharing during video calls. Engadget reports that now Google has started rolling out the feature. source: phonearena | | | Follow @thetechnoexpress for more updates. #googlemeet #google #geekart #googlepay #googleassistant #geeked #googleandroid #geekculture #gadgetlover #googleduo #googleplaystore #googles #geekstuff #googlepixel #gadgetshow #geeksquad #googleclassroom #videocalling #geek #artnews #technologies #article #googleadwords #technews #googlecamera #googleplay #gadget #techgeek #Gadgets #screenshare

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The method to screen share on google duo app is quite easy. You just have to tap on the “overflow button” appearing on the bottom menu while you are on a call. After that, you’ll see a notification appearing on the screen “Ongoing screen sharing” which indicates that whatever you are doing on the phone is being shared to the other person.

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