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Google launches new VPN to tackle hackers

We are witnessing that the cases of hacking are increasing every day which is obviously an alarming thing for many tech companies. Google too is quite serious about protecting its data from unethical hackers. So what feature google has brought in order to tackle the hackers? Let’s find it out!

Google has recently announced about a new virtual private network shortly known as VPN. This VPN is by Google One and it will generate an extra layer of protection for Android phone users. This Virtual private network will be available for people who have opted 2TB and higher plans. Another good news for Google One users is that if you are sharing the 2TB plan with your relative or friend then they can also utilize the VPN on their respected devices without an extra price.

The VPN will be available in the US very soon via Google One app but this service is only for android users. Hopefully, this plan will be available for iOS, Mac and Windows users in the coming months.

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