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Google to launch three Pixel phones this year

Google had to cancel its plan of launching Pixel 4a because of the coronavirus pandemic. It was decided that all the information would be announced at the I/O event but because of the pandemic, Google had to cancel the event.

It’s predicted that Pixel 4a will be launched this year. A detailed  Report has been published regarding Pixel 4A which says that Google will launch  Pixel 5 Pixel 4a and  Pixel 4a 5G. Among these, Pixel 4a will be the least costly because of the processor being used. 765G processor has been used in Pixel 4a 5G and  Pixel 5. According to the leaked report, Pixel 5G is the updated version of Pixel 4a and the design and quality of Pixel 5g is the proof of it.

The same set of hardware has been used as it is used in Pixel 4a but with improved features. The report also explained that Pixel 4a and 4a 5G have been given larger display if we compare it with Pixel 5.

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Google’s Pixel 5 leaks are here 😅 And that camera bump looks awful 🙄 We're still close to eight months ahead of when the Pixel 5 will likely be announced, but this render of the Google Pixel 5 looks pretty ugly, specifically the backside. This leak comes from Jon Prosser of YouTube channel, Front Page Tech. Prosser has been accurate in leaking quite a few Pixel details last year, as well as some iPhone details. But he has also been wrong a few times. So it's a good idea to take this all with a grain of salt. That's a huge camera module! This leak, sadly, is very similar to the previous Pixel 5 leak we saw just last week. But this one is in white instead of black. And it still has that huge camera module on the back, which is not flush with the rest of the device. It's almost like Google said "hold my beer" when it saw Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra camera bump. We can clearly see that there are three cameras on the back, with a flash in the center. The third camera is most likely an ultrawide camera. And if Google put that ultrawide camera in the center, towards the bottom of the camera module, it's a really good idea. This is because putting an ultrawide camera near the edges means that your hands are going to get in the picture when holding the phone. That's not a good idea. Follow 👉 @tech_toids Also if you like more such straight to the point content then make sure you follow us on Facebook by hitting out the link given in our bio Follow 👉 @tech_toids Follow 👉 facebook.com/techtoids . Follow @tech_toids for more constant updates, launches, reviews, etc! . . . . #apple #applelove #iphonedaily#pixel5 #googlepixel #applefan #googlepixel5#macbookpro #macbook #macbookair#mac #imac #creator #iphonese2#professional #photoediting#videoediting #macintosh#macintoshplus #macmini #xcode #developer #developers#developerlife #developerslife #iphonese#applemac #applemacbook#applemacbookpro

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Now if we come to the prices it is predicted that if we compare it with the price of iPhone SE 2020, the price of Pixel  4a is much lesser. On the other hand Pixel, 4a 5G will have a similar price as of iPhone SE 2020 because of the unique features in it. Pixel 5 is the one with moderate good features at affordable prices. So stay stunned to get more updates regarding these amazing Phones.

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