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GTA 6 information leaked : What will be the Release Date?

GTA needs no introduction in the gaming industry. GTA 5 is being ranked second as the best selling video game right after Minecraft. Recently there have been some rumours regarding the release of GTA 6. So let’s know it in detail.

GTA 6 Release date

Rockstar games has not officially made any announcement regarding the release of the next sequel of Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar games has also not announced whether the game will exist or not. Yet there has been some reports which say that GTA 6 is in its early development stages. The reports have revealed that the game will be released at the end of 2021. PROJECT AMERICAS leaks have leaked some important information regarding GTA 6 release. The leaks have revealed that Rockstar games has been planning to release GTA 6 since 2012 and that they are working on it too. Also that the development phase of GTA 6 started since 2015. PROJECT AMERICAS leaks revealed that the GTA 6 location will be Vice City and a new location in Brazil. Limited access will be provided to Liberty City according to the leaks.

It is being said that GTA 6 will be released platforms including next- generation consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X. PC users have to wait for GTA 6 to be installed on their systems. So considering all the leaks, it is likely that Grand Theft Auto 6 will release in late 2021 with better and advanced features in it including behavioural AI, player stat tracking and dynamic time .

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