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Everyone has played grand theft auto also known as GTA at least once in their lifetime. Because of the high demand, the game was to be purchased online previously. They had many versions of it. Recently it has been heard by many sources that GTA 5 will be made free via Pc. Let’s go in detail about this great news.

Game pressure which can be considered as a reliable source has confirmed that GTA 5 is going to be available for free on PC. So, the date on which it’s going to be available for free is May 14, 2020. Unfortunately, Rockstar Games and Epic Games. have not confirmed this. It is reported that Epic Games will disclose this secret on May 14, 2020. So, fingers are crossed and all the GTA 5 fans are dying to play it as soon as possible. Previously GTA 5 was made free for Microsoft’s Xbox One platform. But this time it will be for free if the rumors are true. Most people can’t afford Xbox so it’s just a dream for them to play their fantasy games.

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