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Guess who’s the “Sexiest Men Alive 2019” Is?

“V” member of the most famous band “BTS” has been declared the winner of the 2nd edition “Sexiest Men Alive 2019” which was held online.  The poll was participated by millions of fans all around the world.

This competition was held between 100 celebrities from November 2nd – 28th. “V” was not the only member selected from his band. Jungkook, Jimin & Jin participated alongside V. Jin has his hopes high to win this competition. But maybe it wasn’t his day. By beating his band members and other celebrities, “V” won by a total of 171,266 votes during the final round.

In the recent Japan concert of BTS, V’s singularity performance was dubbed as the highlight of the concert due to his seeping sex appeal. V is winning hearts, not only of the ARMY’s but also from the people around the world. V is spreading his name and having a recognition around the world, which is increasing day by day.

#VSexiestMan2019 is trending right now on twitter (started by fans).

What do you guys think about his winning? Should it still be him or someone else? Comment below to give your opinion about this.

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