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Hailey gives a $10,000 Dreamsicle to Justin

As it was valentines day 2020, there would have been a lot of exchange of gifts between couples. Celebrities find this day the best opportunity to portray their undying love for their partners.

Hollywood’s lovely couple Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin still stay up in the news with their everlasting relationship. This time Hailey’s astonishing move showed everyone her love for his husband.
The gorgeous 23-year-old model gifted a pink crystallized Dreamsicle to her husband Justin Bieber for this Valentine’s Day. The piece was designed by the renowned digital artist Dan Life. The luxury piece, worth $10,000, is 11 1⁄2x 4 inches in size and has 12,210 hand-set crystals. In his entire career, only 10 of the limited-edition Dreamsicles have been made and only 3 are left for purchase.

Similarly, in 2019 Justin Bieber also gifted her wife a watch worth $155,000.

Well! People don’t have such luxuries in their life, but we can imagine what goes in their minds to make such decisions. The wealthy and famous people have so much money that they start running out of ideas to do with all of this wealth. The funny part is that such overpriced things can just be kept as decoration and you can’t even play with it.

Still, we can say Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin once again proved to be a power couple as the 23-year-old model’s gesture for his husband’s birthday is melting the fan’s hearts all around.

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