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“Hitman 3” will be exclusive on Epic Game Store

IO Interactive has made the latest announcement regarding the game “Hitman 3”. The famous video game company IO Interactive announced this news on 20th August. It mentioned that the game would be available for just a year after its official launch. Along with this, the company also announced that “Hitman 3” ‘s exclusive version will be available only on the Epic game store for the PC versions.

The makers have eased the Hitman fans to transfer the progress of previous versions of Hitman to this new upcoming version. Various sources have predicted that the game will be launched in January 2021 on consoles and PCs. So after January, PC users will have Hitman 3 exclusive on Epic game store. An official post was also made on Instagram in which it was stated that: “Discover the secrets of an old manor and uncover clues to solve the Thornbridge Mystery. Welcome to a new location for HITMAN 3: Dartmoor, England. www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-England”. The game trailer was also posted on Youtube, which succeeded in amazing all the game lovers.

The platforms that Hitman 3 is going to hit are Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox series X. There is an enormous amount of audiences who are dying heart fans of the Hitman game. We hope that Hitman 3 will also prove another success for IO Interactive, who has worked quite hard to make this brand a successful one.`

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