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Apple is now worth 2 trillion dollars

Recently Apple has reached another huge milestone in its unstoppable journey. The company is now worth 2 trillion dollars. This news has astounded many tech companies, including Samsung, Google, and Xiaomi. Reaching a worth of 2 trillion dollars has proved the world that Apple will stay in the market for many coming years and will compete with the top smartphone brands at every platform.

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Big plays, big tech, big money. Apple becomes the first company to cross the 2 trillion dollar market cap valuation. It first took Apple 32 years to hit $1 trillion and it only took them two years to double that to $2 trillion. Thats ALOT of zeros my dudes. Enough zeros to cover the distance between Temburong and Belait. Apple first closed above a $1 trillion valuation on Aug. 2, 2018. After falling back below the mark for one day on March 23, amid concerns that the COVID-19 crisis would pressure its business, Apple was able to more than double its market capitalization in less than five months. The company is expected to roll out its first 5G-enabled iPhone this fall, with management telling investors to expect a day of a few weeks compared with last year’s launch timing. Apple shares have continued marching higher even under the fresh scrutiny of the company’s App Store practices. Apple nearly went bankrupt in the 1990s and here they are now, the most valuable tech company on earth. #apple #apple2trillion #applestock #apple1trillion

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The shocking thing is the graph, which shows the exponential growth of the companies value. The company took 42 years to reach up to the market value of 1 trillion dollars, but results are jaw-dropping in the next two years. According to statistics, the company made 1 trillion dollars within two years.

Even during the pandemic, when every tech company was on the brink of getting bankrupt, Apple was still on beast mode. Tim cook, the chief executive officer of Apple, has also played a vital role in achieving this milestone. The supply chain built-in Tim cook’s supervision has resulted in millions of Apple devices being made quickly. Users were also made to pay every month of the digital services they were utilizing from Apple suite. Other tech companies, including Amazon and Microsoft, are also racing to hit the 2 trillion dollar milestone and currently have a 1.6 trillion dollar market value.

It’s not just the hardware that has been sold to generate such a significant amount of dollars but also digital services, including iCloud, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and Apple Music. Apple still has enormous long-term goals, and the introduction of 5g connectivity will enhance Apple products’ usage.

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