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Huawei banned in the USA. What now?

Worlds number 2nd telecom distributor and number 1 smartphone seller company Huawei is banned from the USA which was one of the biggest purchasers of its products. Before going deep in the issue, we should know that Huawei is planning to put 5g at work which will mean that there is no other telecommunicating company that have same technology.huwaei was aiming to get an immense amount of revenue from the 5g distribution which is roughly speaking are in billions of dollars. Being a Chinese company, it always posses a great amount of stress on American thinktank that whether its good for the American economy to let a non-American company flourish that much.

Huawei is losing more than 450 million US dollars each year because of this ban.its getting, even more, worse due to American allies banning their respective countries. But the main question is, what is going to happen now. Is Huawei going to bankrupt? according to a top official statement from the spokesperson of Huawei, Huawei is going to launch its highen products worldwide, the products that no one can reject and making 5G available in all of their products and give their internet connectivity in a blaze of seconds.

Huawei is going to launch Mate X within February 2020, that might not have google products but have all the recent and specialized apps that a user can use and have the utility of the same. Huawei says that google come back anytime but they won’t let that ban affect their sales anymore.

Huawei mate X


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