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Instagram Influencer jailed for 14 years, why?

Rossi Lorathio Adams, II, 27, Is an Instagram Influencer with more than a million followers. He’s also known as ‘Polo’. He started his company ‘State Snaps’ in 2015, while enrolled at university. He used to post partying videos of Iowa State University students on his website, Doit4state.com.

He wanted to expand his empire by buying the domain Doitforthestate.com. He then emailed the owner of that website but got refused to sell. For the next 2 years (2015-2017), Adam kept on trying to buy but the owner never sells. Once when the owner got agreed to sell, he asked for $20,000. Adams think of this as very expensive. Adam didn’t bought instead ask to reduce the price which never happened. Then in June 2017, Adam lost his patience and called his cousin Sherman Hopkins, who was already involve in some past crimes. He asked him a favor of getting into the domain owner’s house and stealing the domain name on Gun-point.

Adam had found address via web-hosting company GoDaddy’s registration records. Hopkins forced his way into the owner’s house with a Pistol. He caught the owner and put the gun on his head, and start threating him to transfer the domain name to Adam or else he will be killed. The owner didn’t come into his talks and with courage, grab the gun. It’s when Hopkins shot him in the leg, but soon the owner was able to get the Pistol and shoots several times on Hopkins’s chest. He then contacted law enforcement. Both men survived.

Earlier this year, Hopkins was sentenced 20 years in prison. Adams initially had a court-appointed lawyer but the court later discovered he had been earning significant amounts of money while the case was pending. He has been ordered to repay the court $22,000 (£15,196) in legal fees.

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