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Instagram just added the most awaited feature

Instagram, the photo-sharing platform which now has reached 1Billion+ users monthly. It’s one of the most successful social media platform. It’s mostly known for its unique feature of uploading only photos and videos (stories too), whereas other platforms also allow you to write and upload. This platform is a huge market for brand marketing and modeling. Since it has this many users, it has been trying very hard to make itself a safer experience for the members of its community

According to Instagram’s Terms of Use, it’s going to ask you for your ‘Date Of Birth’ while creating a new account. Your minimum age should be at least 13 years old to make an account in most countries. Your DOB will not be shown publicly, but you can see it yourself when viewing your own private account information. It is just to prevent underage people to join Instagram.

Instead of writing your email for sign up, just connect your Facebook account with Instagram and it will take your DOB from facebook. If you are some rare species and don’t use facebook or if you don’t wanna connect your account with Insta, then you can add or edit your DOB from the settings directly on Instagram.

In the future, Instagram will create more tailored experiences, like education around account controls and recommend privacy settings for the younger audience, according to your given DOB. This will also help Insta to not share age-restricted ads (like gambling, alcohol, sexual, and birth control) towards the younger audience.

Instagram has also added another option which is worth it. It’s about Messaging Privacy. Instagram has now changed its privacy and added a feature, which will let the user choose who can send them a message or add them to a group. Users who will enable this feature will stop receiving messages, story replies or group messages from anyone they haven’t follow.

These features have been added to make Instagram much safer for the audiences, especially for the younger ones. But the existing members will not be asked for their DOB though.

   Have you guys already checked the feature? Do you like it? Does Instagram need to add any more features? Please share your belief in the given section below.

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