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ios 14 beta new updates

It was evident that ios 14 release brightened the faces of all apple smart phone lovers. Recently, there have been new changes brought by Apple into the new ios 14. Most of the changes are brought in the software part of the product. Following this, Apple has also launched the first developer ios 14 beta.  You can know how to download iOS 14 from here.

ios 14 beta updates and new features

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A new thing added into ios 14 beta is the Shazam toggle. To add the toggle into the Control Center, make sure that you are in the developer beta mode of ios 14.2. After this, you have to go for the setting app and select “Control Center”. When you will reach here, you will witness a “Shazam” option located below the more controls. From here, you can add the toggle and arrange it as you like.

Now after simple clicking gin the control which will cause shazam to launch and will listen for the respected audio of music. Finally, you can know the name of the song and the artist name on your screen. This new update ios 14 beta will bring a lot of ease for all the Apple users to find out their favourite songs in a matter of seconds. Another new change brought in ios 14 beta is that the scrubber knob has been enlarged and timestamp has been moved beside the playhead. Also, the new AirPlay button in the smartphone has been proven to be a great new change. Make sure that you can see the ios 14.2 developers mode. If you can’t, you have to go to the official website of apple to download it i.e apple developer website.

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