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Is Bill gates responsible for coronavirus pandemic? |2020|

Its been a while when we are witnessing an individual getting targeted for the pandemic. That individual is non-other than Bill Gates. So are these claims against him true or not? Let’s find out!

Bill gates had been warning that the world is not ready for the next pandemic. Bill gates did a TED talk in 2015 where he highlighted the potential dangers of the results of a pandemic throughout the world. He told that if the world does not prepare itself against the risk of any pandemic, the outcomes would be far more dangerous than the ebola. After 5 years of Bill gate’s speech at Ted, we are faced with the pandemic which he was talking about. So these things have created a sense of negative doubts in the minds of people. There have been many videos circulating on the internet saying that Bill gates want the world to buy vaccines. Those vaccines would contain microchips which will enable Bill gates to control the operation of the human body. These are all claims which haven’t been proved yet by anyone. But yes! These things are circulating in social media.

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