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Is Chris Pratt secretly supporting Donald trump?

Currently, there has been an accusation on Chris Pratt due to which he is facing a lot of criticism from internet users. Its been surfacing around the internet that Chris Pratt is a secret supporter of Donald Trump. The fans of Chris Pratt have got divided with two separate opinions due to this new controversy.

Currently, all Chris pratt’s fans have one question in their mind and that is “Is Chris pratt maga”? The accusations are rising on the internet where we can see 41-year-old actor getting targeted for his support for Donald Trump. Chris Pratt is trending on Twitter right now and the Twitter audience is bombarding him with their personal opinions.

Mehdi Hassan who is a famous Us journalist has tweeted: “Goodbye Chris Pratt.”

Another thing which is surfacing on social media platform regarding Chris Pratt is that he is anti-LBGTQ community. This thing has gathered a lot of hate and criticism for Chris Pratt right now. His response to the claims has been very straightforward. He has clearly stated that these claims were: “absolutely untrue”.  On an interview, he mentioned that he has been claimed as a person who belongs to a group of the church who “hate a certain group of people”. He countered the claim by saying that he goes to the church which opens doors for everyone.

So is Chris pratt ‘Maga’?

It is still too early to give a conclusion regarding the controversy of Chris Pratt due to lack of proofs. Even he himself hasn’t admitted these claims to be true or false. The fact is that Chris Pratt hasn’t shown public support for Joe Biden till now.

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