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Is Coronavirus a Biological Weapon?

Coronavirus disease is a respiratory disease outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus. Now it’s an officially declared global pandemic. There are 125,048 confirmed cases of COVID-19 according to the most recent data. But a very important question is that is coronavirus a biological weapon?

China has 80,981 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3173 deaths. Outside China, there were 44,067 confirmed cases, with 1,440 deaths recorded. Pakistan’s virus count had hit 21 that included a secondary case of touch. The secondary contact case means the victim has no travel background, and one of the people who traveled from another country to Pakistan may have contracted the virus. COVID-19 has reportedly spread to 117 countries worldwide. COVID-19 is breaking through income barriers and has hit the most, unlike locations and men. Canada’s prime minister’s wife has been tested positive for the infection. The Chief of Staff of the Italian Army has checked favorably. A Supreme Leader Advisor to Iran has died of COVID-19. A similar issue is whether the virus was intentionally made in the laboratory, or has inadvertently entered the laboratory from the virus made in the laboratory. To date, the theory of laboratory escape is the more commonly known conspiracy theory. It had been circulating on social media for weeks and gained substantial attention at the end of February following an article in the New York Post. Steven Mosher, a social scientist, summarizes why he claims that COVID-19 could have been inadvertently distributed at the Wuhan Institute of Virology by the Chinese National Biosafety Laboratory, where researchers researched bat coronaviruses. Mosher says the facility is less than 10 miles from the market for seafood where a cluster of COVID-19 cases was first found.

In a Nutshell, the odds are overwhelmingly in support of the hypothesis that coronavirus transferred to humans from the animals. The most convincing reason to conclude that coronavirus is not human-made is that the latest coronavirus closely resembles two other viruses, SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV, which have caused outbreaks in recent decades. It appears all three viruses originated in bats.

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