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Is it a new version of WhatsApp?

Whatsapp Gold, an app that took the interest of millions of users around the world. Its Golden color is why most people get attracted. This app exactly looks like the original WhatsApp (Green colored one). Many people mistook this app as skin or theme which they may use in their (Green) WhatsApp and then there are some who think that after ‘Whatsapp Business’ they (Whatsapp) releaseWhatsapp Gold’, so this must have been their property. By thinking these self-made thoughts many people downloaded this app and regret.

As this app may tell you about it’s awesome (but fake) features, like hiding your number while you are messaging someone (sounds good for the stalkers, isn’t it?). Sorry, but you are not getting this feature as the app is a total SCAM, circulating since 2016. Don’t even try to search it on Play or Apple Store, It’s not available there. Infect, you will get a scam message from an unknown (International maybe) number.

This app is made by some Hackers, and not by Whatsapp. Don’t ever download this app whenever you get a message to download. Infect, to get yourself safe, delete that message (and please don’t forward that to anyone), block that number and spread the words among your family about this app. But if u have already downloaded it, then uninstall it as soon as possible and run an antivirus scan.

Be careful. The VIRUS that app contains is difficult and severe and will be hard to remove, and don’t forget that it will take all of your personal Info (no matter what type of app lock you are using). Just like this, theirs also an app, known as ‘WhatsApp Plus‘ which functions the same way. We repeat that none of these apps belong to the original WhatsApp.

Even WhatsApp stated that “These applications are not developed by WhatsApp, nor is it authorized by WhatsApp. The developers (Hackers) who build these apps have no relationship with us. Please be aware of these apps, as they contain source code which WhatsApp cannot guarantee as safe and that without your knowledge or authorization, your private information will be potentially passed on to a 3rd party .”

Have anyone of you heard or installed this before? If, yes then what did you do to get rid of it? Please share your belief in the given section below.

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