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Is KFC building a new console?

PlayStation 5 and X Box series have been in the limelight for a long time but guess what who has entered the competition! KFC! Yes! The pioneer of fast food restaurant is now all set to enter the gaming industry.

The product KFC has launched is its own console titled as KFConsole.They launched it just one day after PS5 was launched. It’s been a while since KFC has been announcing about their new product on social media platforms. The shocking thing is that it has dual functions. It has also a built-in chicken cooker. So you can enjoy scrumptiously fried chicken while playing your favourite game. The video of this console has been posted by original account of KFC gaming on twitter yet many people on twitter are not believing in this while some are really excited to buy it. The KFConsole has a very decent look. It has a power button, a disk inserting space and on the top of it is a covering. When you remove that covering you will have the option to cook chicken. Isn’t that cool?

The complete look of KFConsole can be discovered by clicking on the below link.

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