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Is Mike Tyson returning to the ring? |2020|

Mike Tyson retired from professional boxing in the year 2006 due to his consecutive losses in some matches. Mike Tyson retired with grace and dignity leaving a hallmark in professional boxing. Recently Mike Tyson said something which has shocked the world. He gave a small message in a video while he was training with his trainer. So what was that message? Let’s find out!

When it comes to fitness, Mike Tyson is among those icons who have crossed the age of fifty but still are in great shape and have a considerable amount of stamina. Even now, Tyson is habitual of going to the gym and eating the right calories in order to have a healthy body. During his career, he was very strict when it came to fitness. He used to wake up at 4 am and then go for a jog of 3-5 miles. After that, his major part of the day was spent on training and exercise. Even today we can witness his muscle mass and stamina. Recently Mike Tyson uploaded a video on Instagram in which he was hitting the pads accompanied by his trainer. After those power punches, he said, “I am Back”. Also on his Facebook live he told me that he is feeling unstoppable and young again.

It has been 15 years when Mike Tyson had his last match with Kevin McBride. So will Mike Tyson return to professional boxing? Only Mike can answer this question in the future. No doubt that he is not that young but a lion remains a lion.

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