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Jay Leno Test Drives Tesla Cyber Truck

CNBC has uploaded a video in which we can see Jay Leno accompanied by Elon Musk. Through the video, Elon musk discussed Tesla Cyber Truck and his future plans.

Elon Musk discussed the size of the cyber truck. He pointed out that the current prototype was bigger, and it may be difficult for the truck to fit into standard garage size. He also told that the company is deciding to decrease the size of the future trucks by 5 % but the rest of the features will remain the same as they are in the current cyber truck. The model which can be seen in the video is the 2021 model. Not only Tesla is focusing on dual-motor versions but also it is planning to bring into production the and tri-motor versions. All these productions will occur in late 2021. On being asked about the reason for making cyber truck bulletproof,  a cool reply by saying: “because it’s badass”. Elon discussed the materials they are using to make the cyber truck as safe as possible. He told that usage of armoured glass and stainless-steel door panels will be the best thing to make it bulletproof.

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Elon jumped on the vault of the Tesla Cybertruck prototype and talked about improvements to the electric pickup in a new teaser for Jay Leno’s Garage. – – – 👉 Follow @tesla.cybertruck 🔥 👉 Follow @tesla.cybertruck 🔥 👉 Follow @tesla.cybertruck 🔥 – – – Credit: CNBC – – – 👉 What kind of Cybertruck would you like to see rendered ? Tell us in the comments ! – – – 👉 Interested in designing your own versiony of the Cybertruck ? Here are two tutorials to get you started: • Photoshop: https://bit.ly/3dqijsm • Blender: https://bit.ly/2T90RRB – – – 👉 Cybertruck cost calculator: Teslanovo.com/cybertruck 👉 Cybertruck 3D configurator: cybertruckownersclub.com/cybertruck-configurator – – – ________________________________ #teslatrucks #cbrtrk #cybertruck #teslafans #teslafan #teslaworld #teslacybertruck #teslalove #teslamotors #teslalife #teslacars #teslaclub #teslacar #teslamotorsclub #teslagram #teslaowner #electricvehicle #ev #electricvehicles #electricvehiclesarethefuture #thefutureisnow #teslatruck #teslamodel #teslacybertrk #teslaroadtrip #teslaowners #teslafamily #teslas #offroadtrucks

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Tesla cyber truck is quite famous now due to its strength and capacity. Many people have already registered to buy it as soon as the Tesla Cyber Truck hits the market.


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