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Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt Planning Secret Beach Wedding In Cabo |2020|

It’s in the news that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have rekindled their love story after last year’s actor’ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ graced her 50th birthday party, it is confirmed that the pair are preparing to get married on a beach after falling “in love again.”

“The wedding is on,” a source told Life and Style, New Idea posted. The source further added that the couple is keen to keep the wedding down and have the participation of the press as minimal as possible. Pitt’s family always loved the actress who acted in ‘ Friends’ and preferred her more than the second wife of Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and the news sits with them every day. The news of the wedding delighted Brad’s family. They have been praying for him to get back together with Jen for years. This information was from a source. Because MEA WorldWide has not independently checked the claim and the outlet in question has a long history of producing celebrity headlines, it is important to look at these reports with a grain of salt. Following the latter’s birthday bash, Pitt and Aniston had many run-ins with each other at events and awards shows. During Aniston’s acceptance speech at the SAG Awards, the star was seen mouthing the words “oh my Goodness,” and later were seen holding hands backstage.

Although the report did not mention any tentative date for the wedding— especially due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic that led health officials to limit the number of people at any social event to no more than 10— it did mention that the couple should restrict their list of guests to their closest friends, including Bradley Cooper and Courteney Cox.

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