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Jessie and James are in Pokemon Go

The old Pokemon villains Jessie and James are now in Pokemon Go. This announcement was made by Niantic, the famous game developer on Thursday, July 9. So let’s discuss the arrival of these two old villains.

The appearance of Jessie and James will be totally random i.e they might be seen anywhere in the game. This appearance will be for a limited time. If any trainer wants to battle with them, he has to find the Meowth balloon in the map. When you see the Meowth balloon, you can then simply click on it and you will be able to battle with them. If you are successful in defeating the Team rocket, you will be given a chance to capture their shadow Pokemon.

After defeating Teams Rocket, you will be able to capture their Pokemons including Koffing, Bagon, Beldum and  Ekans. The best time to spot Meowth balloon on the map is 12th July from 11 am till 2 pm.  The players must keep their eyes on the map to spot Meowth balloon otherwise they might vanish from the scene.

There were already rumours about the arrival of Jessie and James in Pokemon Go but still, the game lovers took it as a surprise. You can also visit the Pokemon Go shop in order to buy items which are related to  Jessie and James.


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