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Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Baldwin isolated on a boat

These are the days when everyone is self-isolating due to the coronavirus pandemic. But Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin are practicing self-isolation in a romantic way. Justin Bieber never forgets to capture spending romantic moments with her wife. Let’s find out!
Justin Bieber recently posted a couple of photographs and a video clip of himself with her wife Hailey Baldwin on Instagram. Both are on a boat and are appreciating the real beauty of nature. Hailey is wearing a bright green jacket along with blue sweat pants. The picture reflects a scenic view of a tranquil lake with breathtaking clouds in the sky. The astonishing couple is also accompanied by their cute puppy who also seems to enjoy the beautiful views.
Justin also posted a short video clip of the beautiful time spent.

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In such extraordinary times, Justin still managed to have a lovely time with his wife and this shows how strong their relationship is. And it’s also a message for all the new couples that how important it is to spend some time closer to nature which is both beneficial for your health and your soul.

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