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Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson and More Seen Together at an Event

You all might have known about Jimmy Kimmel, the American tv show host, a comedian, and a producer. Recently it was said that Justin Bieber will be hosted by MC Jimmy, along with Snoop Dogg, Kelly Clarkson, Andra Day and Imagine Dragons, on Saturday. The venue was decided in las vegas at the foundation event of the Shaquille O’ Neal.
Now that’s a real hit!
We all know how it’s going to end up. Epic, just epic! To think that the five most loved singers in a single show, it’s like winning five world cups at the same time. The reason why they are invited at the same time just adds to the happiness of to foundation event of Shaquille O’Neal. This foundation supports both genders’ clubs and schools, for those who don’t know.
There is going to be live music too! But you know what’s more to this? There are going to be auctioned items too, which will also include UFC tickets, a trip to Africa, and Lakers tickets. There is also a walk-on role in Adam Sandler’s upcoming movie, won for $90,000 by O’Neal.
But the evening had the spotlight on the five said artists. The mc even joked about the time he roasted the O’Neal about 20 years ago, which is not fit to be said here.

But the main star was Justin by his looks and dressing, dressed in denim jackets and sunglasses. Who wasn’t going to pay him all the attention with his godly looks? Even though Justin didn’t talk to the audience directly, he thrilled them enough with the set of 5 songs. These songs were from his album named justice. Even though Snoop Dogg also performed along with O’Neal at the ending, Clarkson had the most sentimental moment there.

This is because Clarkson shared a thing about her past, that when Shaq mentioned that his family couldn’t afford daycare, she said that neither could her family and just because her mother worked there, she got in for free. She also said that she loved events like these, hearing from artists, where everyone sees where they all are. But they don’t see their past, their background, their past situations. But everyone needs the opportunity to strike their best, and she said that she was one of those kids who only knew about hand-me-downs.
Well, we only grow strong from being hurt!

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