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Katie Price got Arrested for Drink-Driving after Car Crash

Katie Price is a great model, media figure, and businesswoman who came to the spotlight in the early 90s due to her modeling skills. To appear her best on the media, she has gone through different surgeries to keep her looking young and fit. She has changed from her previous self, but she still manages to look glamorous.
In the recent news about Katie, it was said that she got arrested on the suspicion of car-crashing while being drunk. She also drove above the legal limit of alcohol intake. After the accident, she was immediately taken to the hospital, and it was said that she was even high on drugs.
After the occurrence of the accident, she got arrested as she was suspected of drunk-driving and compromising the lives and safeguards of the citizens, after that she was immediately rushed off to a private hospital due to the injuries she might have gotten in the car crash. The hospital she was rushed to was in West Sussex.
The well-known former star of page 3, who has appeared on Monday’s GMB recently, is now in a private hospital receiving instant care after her accident. The accident occurred today, Tuesday, in the morning and after she was arrested, hse has been in the hospital since then.

The police spokeswoman of Sussex said to the mirror that they were notified of a collision of a single vehicle on the B2135, which is near the partridge green. The time of the accident was around 6:20 am. She also said that a woman of age 43 has been arrested for being suspected of drunk driving, and she has been sent to the hospital immediately to get her wounds treated. A picture was shown along with this news, in which a car was rolled onto its side in the narrow road bushes. The car along with Katie was in a bad condition by the time the police arrived and hence why she was immediately rushed off to the hospital.
The fans got shocks aftershocks when they got to know that Katie was in a car crash, due to her being drunk and now being hospitalized. To add salt to the wounds she was arrested as well. This made the fans have different reactions, some were worried for her health, some were angry at her carelessness and others had neutral reactions. But most of them were worried for their beloved model, and a former page 3 star.
Even Katie got interviewed about this situation, and she said that she is heartbroken that she cannot meet her son due to the driving ban she has. If you don’t know, her son lives about 3 hours away from her and since she cannot drive for a while she won’t be able to meet him.

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