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Kevin Hart Net Worth 2020

Over the past few years, Kevin Hart has worked very hard in a variety of fields. The 40-year-old phenomenon has been working as a comedian, film star, director, and advertising spokesperson, slowing down from a serious car accident just recently. This work ethic has made him one of the highest-paid comedian actor.

All that talent and hard work have given him considerable popularity and fortune. Hart has since amassed a considerable fortune. Yet how much does Kevin Hart deserve? Hold on reading to find out more about his net worth and how he got it. Comedian pint-size Kevin Hart has a massive bank account. As of 2020, Hart’s net worth is expected to be between $150 and $200 million, nabbing in July 2018 to June 2019 period alone around $59 million. His nonstop hustle and exemplary work ethics are just as critical to Hart’s success as his punchlines. Here’s just how wealthy he got. Hart made a whopping $87.5 million in 2016, due in large part to worldwide touring arenas and sponsorship deals with H&M, Hyundai and Foot Locker, as well as a place in the extremely lucrative Secret Life Of Dogs. According to Forbes, the Philadelphia-born actor earned a whopping $32.5 million in 2017, thanks to his blockbuster roles including Jumanji: Welcome 2 The Jungle and Central Intelligence and endorsements including Tommy John underwear and Nike. Although his exact salary for Jumanji is unknown: Welcome 2 The Jungle, Forbes estimates it was upfront in the seven-figure range, plus back-end. His hard work has made him 2020’s second-highest-paid comedian.

100 shows, each grossing about $1 million were done by him. Apart from his live shows, Hart’s documentary stand-up film, Kevin Hart: What Now? In its first week of theatre release, allegedly grossed more than $11.7 million, totalling around $23 million domestically.

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