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Know all about Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2

The money heist is basically about two long prepared heists that the professor led. One of them is on the bank of Spain, and the other one is on the royal mint of Spain. It is a Spanish tv series drama on heist crimes, made by Alex pina. All the seasons of money heist have been from Tokyo’s (a member/ robber) pov, but now that she is no more, let’s see who’s pov will it be now. She was the most emotional one of all of the robbers as she was too attached to Rio. And the second heist was also because Rio was being held captive and tortured. The robbers; Nairobi, Helsinki, Tokyo, Lisbon, Professor, and others decided to free Rio from the captives by planning the second heist. The seasons are based on real-time, showing flashbacks, unknown- characters motivational dialogues, and time-jumps.
If you remember part 1 of the money heist, then you would know that in the end, both Tokyo and Gandia died. The reasons are well known to you all. In this article, we are going to discuss the trailer of part 2 and all there is to know about it. So let’s get started.
Release date
To all the fans that have been waiting for the next volume to come, your wait is about to end. In about 2 months, part 2 of money heist season 5 will come on Netflix that you can watch. The exact date and time is the 3rd of December 2021, at 3 am est.

In the year 2019, Netflix officially got the rights to this show and this has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. If you don’t have Netflix, you can download it from the play store or google play, and then buy its subscription to watch your favorite shows unlimitedly. You can even download videos on Netflix. Netflix has all the 5 seasons of money heist present in it.
Nothing about the plot has been made official but fans have made many theories. The sudden death of Tokyo in the gunfire has been tragic for all the team members and also the fans. This will complicate a lot of things in the upcoming part of the said season. If you know the army personnel is just behind them while on the other hand, the battalions are ready to break into the Spanish bank many think that Alicia Sierra is a traitor, which she isn’t and she will prove by threatening the professor for the audio leakage. The most important thing, the team will do anything to complete the heist so that they can honor the death of their beloved member, Tokyo. Season 5 vol. 2 is about the revenge of Tokyo that the team members will take and how they will survive.
If you remember correctly, in the first volume, Alicia can be seen giving birth to a child, with the professor helping her. On the other hand, the team can be seen fighting the hostages. All credits to Arturo, the worst person to ever exist. Well, luckily he got shot by Stockholm, and hence immediately discarded out of the bank.
Meanwhile, an army personnel team can be seen entering the bank fighting with them heads-on. All of us thought that our team would win but the army had a trick up their sleeves, they threw the grenades. Some members got stuck in a museum room while Tokyo, Denver, and Manila got stuck in the kitchen, where the army tried entering and they put booms in the walls. This would create a space for them to go to their resting chamber. Meanwhile, snipers were also waiting on another building top to shoot at the right time. They even shot Tokyo, but she survived. When they were stuck in the kitchen, Stockholms told them an escape option. The two members escaped, but Tokyo stayed behind and sacrificed herself for her team.

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