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Kpop. before and after

A very strange fact in the entertainment sector is the enhanced beauty of the member of the entertainment industry. Kpop is one of the most famous entertainment industry in the world, generating the most revenue and spreading its wings all over the globe. when there were no red carpets, when there were no spotlights and when no paparazzi was running around for a flash of snaps, the actresses were very simple and pure, they were basic and mostly focused on their given jobs. the beauty has taken up new dimensions in the last decade

the advancement in the medical field especially in the cosmetics and facial surgery, the apparent beauty is no longer trustable. Even though the appearance is more pleasant and attractive but the fact is whats pure is pure and human body is designed to come back to its original shape, no matter early or late, it is going to take its original shape and that’s the time when all the superficial work is played out, resulting in embarrassment and regret. Here are some of the most famous Kpop artists look like after going through an intense surgical process

there is a culture in South Korea for women to undergo surgeries to enhance their beauty through the surgical process. Some might say it is because of there harsh history where women were oppressed due to rejection based on their looks and they had to take extreme measures to comply with their simple looks with glorified looks. But in present, it has become a fancy tradition to take surgeries even though you look normal and sometimes girls are doing surgeries when their looks are above average. Kpop have benefited with this tradition a lot and it looks like that without surgeries and cosmetically enhanced beauty, Kpop will have to bear a big loss and loss of interest

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