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Lady Gaga and Ariana’s ‘Rain on me’ – 2020

Recently Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande released a new music video on YouTube. The song is called “Rain on me”. This is the first time Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande have collaborated to make a single song.

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The song was released on 22nd May Friday and just after the release, there was a flood of viewers. In just 5 hours of its release, the music video got 5 million views. This magic can only be done by these two amazing music icons. The song is part of the upcoming 6th studio album of Lady Gaga. On the other hand, this is the 2nd duet done by Ariana Grande in a single month. So, this shows that Ariana Grande is showing interest in doing a collaboration with other stars. Her previous duet “Stuck with You” was with Justin Bieber which was also a massive hit. Not only the music is outstanding, but the video is proving to be cheery on the cake. The dance moves of both the music icons are hypnotizing the fans to stick to the music video. The choreography has been done with so much innovation and creativity that even the critiques are appreciating the efforts.


We hope that “Rain on me” will result in a rain of YouTube views on the music video. This is the first time that these two giant megastars have shared the stage with each other. Till then keep listening to this mesmerizing track.

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