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Machine Gun Kelly says Megan Fox is his first love

Machine Gun Kelly has finally opened about his feelings for Megan Fox. The 30-year-old rapper was invited on a show called “The Howard Stern Show” where he confessed to Howard Stern about her feelings for the diva Megan Fox. Machine gun kelly and Megan Fox have been seen together since they started the album together. Since then, the chemistry has been great.

Machine Gun Kelly openly said that he fell in love with her as soon as he made the first eye contact with Megan Fox. He explains that before meeting Megan Fox, he never believed in love or something. He admitted that after working with Megan Fox and making a big chunk of the album, he did fell in love with Megan Fox. After her divorce with  Brian Austin Green, Megan Fox was seen more public with Machine Gun Kelly while their pictures were circulating on social media platforms. Kelly even posted a romantic picture of him with Megan Fox to reflect their relationship. No doubt, The chemistry between machine gun kelly and Megan Fox in the album was all which created a spark. 

Megan Fox has told the media that her marriage with Brian Austin Green was a 15-year long relationship and they have 3 kids. Megan Fox told that her divorce with Brian Austin Green was a mutual decision and that she wishes good luck for his future life.

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