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Marvel Fans Surprised with William Poulter’s Glow-up

Nowadays, William Poulter has become the headlines of many news, due to his crazy glow up. The amount of manliness that oozes right now in his late 20s has surprised fans who mostly remember him because of the kid meme version. His glow-up has surprised the Marvel Fans the most, especially when it was announced that he was going to be in the Marvel series. In marvels, he has been given the role of Adam Warlock of Guardians of the galaxy. People loved the fact that he was going to be in marvel as a villain but the thing that surprised us all was his glow-up.

You might not recognize him if you compare him with the older version of Will, but he has been in many hit films that it is hard to believe he is the same person. In all his movies, he didn’t change much, but now the sudden appearance in marvel with his glamorous glow up has left us all speechless. Poulter has done numerous films, like The Chronicles of Narnia: the voyage of the Dawn Treader, Midsommar, The revenant and many more. This boy has done so many hit films that it is hard to count, but his acting and talent are what have made him so successful. The way he just snapped from a young boy to a young man even though he is 28 years old, makes people use the common phrase, grew up like fine wine.

People have made a lot of posts on different social media on how he went from a young boy to a young and dashing man within our eyes and we didn’t even notice. The throwback and the current photo comparison are almost comical.

When fans started comparing him to his character in harry potter, Neville Longbottom, and his now photos, a lot of memes have been made asking whether he was the same person or not. Fans are even calling him with the label of the fourth Hemsworth brother.

I swear there is something in the marvel air that every single MCU character is hot and dashing. Poulter also talked about how happy and honored he felt to be cast in marvel, on the London film festival’s red carpet. Not only in any marvel series but the guardians of the galaxy which is a big deal for him as he said that he admires James Gunn.
Now he has joined the most-awaited squad of actors to appear in the Marvel series, the guardians of the galaxy Vol 3, including Vin Diesel, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, and many more.

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