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Melissa accused Drake Bell for past abuse

An accusation was made against Drake Bell by her ex-girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt on Wednesday. Melissa Lingafelt shared a shocking statement with her fans on Tik Tok where she accused Drake Bell of past abuse.

Melissa Lingafelt told on TikTok that she went through not only verbal abuse but also physical violence during her relationship with Drake Bell. Contrary to her accusation, Drake Bell denies all the allegations thrown at him by her ex-girlfriend, Melissa Lingafelt. ‘People’ was the platform where Drake Bell opposed all the claims made against him. Melissa Lingafelt revealed that she started dating Drake Bell when she was 16 years old.

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Actor Drake Bell rejected claims of abuse which emerged from his ex-friend, Melissa Lingafelt, in a video posted to TikTok. Throughout the video, Lingafelt, who on her TikTok page uses the stage name Jimi Ono, claimed Wednesday that Bell had verbally and physically assaulted her when they dated and lived together more than a decade earlier. link in bio #2020SoFar #AbuseAllegations #Billboard200 #BillieEllish #Drake&ampJosh #DrakeBell #DrakeBellDeniesAbuseAllegationsFromExGirlfriendMelissaLingafelt #DrakeBell #ExGirlfriend #Forever #gradea #LetsEats #LilBaby #LilNasX #LilUziVert #Lingafelt #Lizzo #Love #Melissa #MelissaLingafelt #MondayReport #Nickelodeon #TheAmandaShow #thelostalbum #TikTok #UFCLondon

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Melissa Lingafelt mentioned in the TikTok video that she wouldn’t care if whether anyone believes her confession or not. She said in the video that it all started with verbal abuse which later turned into hitting and throwing things. The caption which Melissa Lingafelt used on Tik Tok post was “This is my truth. I hope this message reaches young girls, and that no one has to go through what I did. #2020survivor”

Whether all these allegations are 100 per cent correct or not, only time can disclose that. Drake Bell has maintained a strong stance in which he denies all these allegations. Stay tuned on Dazepoint to get the latest updates regarding this issue.

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