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Mike Tyson says he is “looking forward to die”

Since defeating Trevor Berbick in 1986, aged 20 and 4 months, Mike Tyson still stands as the youngest heavyweight world champion in history. And the 53-year-old insists that his complete lack of fear led him to accept the ring’s likelihood of death-but he also felt he would “do the killing” if fatality struck during one of his fights.

He told the Sportsman that he knew there was a risk he might die during training or boxing in the ring. He said he knew that, but he wasn’t afraid because he felt he should do the killing if someone were going to die. That self-confidence has been a tool for him to thrive. He said that the more he learns about the non-existence from his experience and from what he believes, the more he is ready to die. When asked if he really looks forward to death, Mike Tyson said he is not afraid of it. He also said it could be more difficult to live than to die. Mike Tyson thinks living takes a lot of bravery which is a reality that you can’t do anything without bravery.

Lately, Mike Tyson broke down on his podcast in tears. He admitted that with his years as one of the biggest stars of the sport well behind him, he was left feeling hollow and missing the man he was during his youth. The American reigned twice as a champ but spent three years in jail after his 1992 conviction of rape. Mike Tyson regained the WBC and WBA championships in 1996 following his prison term but lost to Evander Holyfield in the same year, and infamously bit his ear a year later in their rematch. And the heavyweight icon exposed the troubled past that helped him get to grips with life after stepping away from the ring and losing his invincible aura.

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