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New song-The bigger picture – Black Lives Matter

Many songs are being made and many have been released as a symbol of verbal protest against the injustice done to the black community. Recently Lil baby has released a brand-new music video entitled ” The big picture “.

The music video conveys all the emotions and complains that every black guy currently has. The music video is made deliberately against the injustice done by the Minneapolis police against George Floyd. This song is hopefully going to become an anthem for the black community because of its amazing music and powerful lyrics. The video was published on 13th June 2020 on YouTube and within a week it crossed 10 million views. This shows that the song is going to remain a massive hit. In the music video, you can see people holding posters on which different statements are written including “Defend the police”, “Black Lives Matter” and “I can’t breathe”. So ultimately the music has conveyed the right message at the right point.

The music also addresses that a change is mandatory according to the current conditions where racism is on its peak. Overall, this music video was a brilliant effort by Lil Baby and every person involved in it. You can watch the full music video down here.


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