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Nike watch series of Apple: Price and features

There is a wide range of watch series in the tech market currently especially of the famous company Apple. Apple is bringing the most advance smartwatch series with every passing year. These smartwatches have almost all the features which a smartphone might have. Apple has brought a sports edition of the apple watch series 5.Following are the price and features of the Nike edition watch series of Apple.



Apple watch updates are continuous and enhanced every time. This amazing sporty watch is proof of that. This design is especially for sports enthusiasts. The software features in it are all same as that of the standard apple watch series 5. This sports watch includes breathable straps and bright designs to give it an attractive look. The strap has air holes to eliminate the sweat from your skin. This gadget will make sure to record your average pace and the total number of miles you ran in a jog. The twilight mode in this watch series will turn the screen to a solid colour for easy visibility. All these amazing features have made this watch series edition to rank among best watch series of apple.


You can buy an apple watch series 5 Nike edition within $399. This price is for the 40mm case variant. But if you want the 44mm variant, you will have to spend $429. Along with that if you want to enjoy a cellular activity in this watch series addition of apple, you will have to spend an extra 100 dollars. Considering all the advance features, the pricing sounds fare enough.

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