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Pal-V Liberty is now the world’s first road-legal flying car

Since many years, it has just been a dream that conventional cars might fly in the air one day. But now it seems that dream is going to be turned to reality. The company which has stepped forward in making this dream turn into reality is PAL-V. The company has recently launched the world’s first flying car, Liberty.

PAL-V has been working on PAL-V since 2012 with a purpose to make the flying car a commercial product. But to commercialize it, Liberty had to go through a lot of tests and trials. Recently, Stringent European road admission tests were the one which Liberty had to pass. The great news is that Liberty has passed the tests and has been allowed to be roaming around the streets with official licensing.

The test was not an easy one and had extensive trials on domains like noise pollution testing,  brakes and high-speed ovals.  The tests were ongoing since February 2020. Mike Stekelenburg, the CTO of PAL-V that it was a huge challenge for them to make this project a success and it required a great amount of motivation from the whole team. The test driver of PAL-V Hans Joore has also shared his feelings regarding this. He said that he had goosebumps when he was test driving. He admitted that the vehicle was quite smooth and responsive to steering.

The finalization of the PAL-V is expected in 2022 since it has been going through aviation certification with EASA.

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