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Rumors About Alien Megastructures Detected By Kepler?

Have you ever heard of the Kepler? Does this sound familiar? No? Okay, I’ll explain! The Kepler is a
space telescope sent by NASA to space! It was created with the sole purpose of detecting distant stars and
rocky worlds that are circling our solar planets. You would be surprised if you saw what Kepler has found
other than the exoplanets. It has found things like stellar flares, dusty planetary rings, and starspots that
pop up out of nowhere. There are a lot of things that advanced civilizations could do like create Dyson
spheres or making energy-collecting satellites.

It is suspected that Kepler can do much more than just find these dusty rings, etc. It has been suspected
after there was a slight chance, that Kepler spotted the signature of structures that can only be made
artificially that are surrounding the different exoplanets. It was called an alien megastructure. It is said
to construct vast megastructures that easily blot out the starlight if they pass by them. These vast
megastructures are like oversized solar arrays that orbit around their host star.

Can you imagine that there are things out in space that exceed the Kardashev scale? Well, these megastructures easily harness other stars’ energy directly from them. Scary, right! You might be wondering why I mentioned the starlights! Well, to start with, I would say that Kepler detects a planet by the starlight they emit, and a slight change in them is terrifying. In other words, it can be explained as every planet revolves around some star (which is known as a transit) just like our Earth that revolves around the Sun. If there is a change in the starlight, then Kepler makes a light curve. A light curve is a graph that shows the changes in the starlight over time, and that’s how it recognizes the size and shape of the exoplanets. 
Well, the shape doesn’t matter as every planet has the same shape, but what would you do if Kepler recognizes something that isn’t round? When a dip in the starlight is detected, it is thought that it is due to a natural phenomenon, but what if that’s not the case? What if it is an artificial thing, an alien? Some might think that this is maybe an instrumental error of Kepler, but that can’t be possible as the same thing has been detected in the last four years. This star is unique as it is not like the normal exoplanets or stars that we might have gained knowledge of. 
All in one thing, we don’t know if we should be surprised by this discovery or be scared of these alien signals. The planet-hunter volunteers said that the only words that could describe this star are; bizarre, interesting, and giant transit! Well, they are not wrong in any way, now are they?

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