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Rumors of Apps Managing our Chronic Diseases

There is a 55 heard old woman named Lena Rasmusson, from Stockholm, who said that there is a Swedish app that bespeaks the exercise that is designed for joint pain. She has transformed her mobility with the help of this app, starting from slowly getting up from her bed and by taking baby steps she reached as weight lifting in the gym.
How does this app work? For starters, this app sends daily reminders to her so that she can do her exercise on time, which lasts for about 5 minutes. These exercises include squats, leg lifts, etc.
There is also a video which helps to demonstrate the way the exercise has to be done exactly. Also, whenever she gives feedback on the things she finds difficult to do, her exercises change accordingly.
Also, this app includes a chat function, which helps her to message a real physiotherapist, and have scheduled video meetings with them.
When she starting going these exercises she said that she can feel the difference in her knee. She started using this app in the year 2020, and at that time all she could do was a couple of squats. But now she can easily do more than 20 squats at a time.
Along with squats, now she can wright lift, cycle, and progress my she has told me that she even has a ski trip arranged for the next year with her family.

This app which you are dying to know is a joint academy, which was first launched in the year 2014, co-founded by Leif Dahlberg and his now 30 years old son. The purpose of this app was to help treat osteoarthritis, as Leif was a professor of orthopedics.
As said by the company, you need to wait for your turn to have a video meeting with the physiotherapist, and help you solve your problems. This helps so you don’t have to pay for expensive treatments without even opting for the easier ways first.
Mr. Dahlberg’s son has stated that the app that shown more than estimated growth in the last few years. This is because operations were postponed by many, gyms were closed and even healthcare units limited the contact do people opted for the online apps.
Specifically, since the last year’s April more than 50,000 people have used this app, while in the starting there were only about 15,000 people. And now this app is one of the top listed best apps for chronic joint pain treatment app in Sweden.
The great thing about the joint academy is that it is a licensed physiotherapy provider so that people with chronic joint ailments can get help while staying at homes away from covid. But some patients dome need immediate medical care are appointed to physical meetings.
The reason why this app is so great is that it contains a wide range of specialists like Blodtrycksdoktorn, for high bp patients, Migranhjalpen which helps with migraine, and also kindler so that people can contact psychologists. This app is also user-friendly.
The only problem with this is that it can make the next generation Dependent on the devices in the future and those people who don’t have access to such gadgets will be unfairly treated. Other than that this app is perfect for people who cannot travel much to even go to a nearby hospital. And it has helped people in a hard time of pandemic and lockdown.

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