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Rumors of Khloe Kardashian Banned from Met Gala 2021

Khloe Kardashian, a member of the Alexandra Kardashian family, is an American model, media personality ma’s a socialite. She was born in California, Los Angeles, US. She is a 37 years old beautiful lady married to Lamar Odom and has a baby girl named True Thompson.
You might have heard about the famous Kardashian family including Kourtney Kim, Kylie, Kendall, rob, Kris, Robert, and herself Khloe included. They have a TV series named keeping up with the Kardashians in which she became public in the year 2007.
When she didn’t come to the Met Gala of the year 2021, fans started to spread rumors that she was banned from the met gala itself for some stupid unverified reasons. This said model has never attended any of the famous elite events including those organized by Anna Wintour from the vogue. Even with her mother and her sisters Kim, Kendall, and Kylie being the mainstays there. By there I mean the met gala.
When she got to know about these rumors, she was beyond angry and immediately responded to them. On Tuesday, there was a fan q&a held and there she responded to this rumor when a fan asked her whether or not this rumor was true. She immediately started denying that the reason why she has not been present at the met gala is not that she was banned. She emphasized the words “not true”.

If you might have noticed, neither Khloe nor Courtney have ever attended the Met gala but they have never left any chance to cheer their family members.
Khloe informed her curious fans that she wasn’t planning on attending the Met Gala because she is impatiently waiting for Halloween to dress up her daughter who is currently 3 years old. She also said that they haven’t chosen a single thing yet when a fan asked her for their shopping scenes. She said that her daughter wants her to be a Pua pig while her daughter wants to be a Moana, and due to that they haven’t decided on one thing yet. She said that normally by this time she has always completed her costume look, but this time the customer is far from being done.
When a fan asked her about her daughter’s update, she said that true is doing amazing and that she cannot believe true has already grown up so much. She doesn’t know what to feel about it.
She also gave a little peak about their reality show, Hulu, and that she is really happy that the whole family is together again.
In the end, she sent her fans well wishes, and gave beautiful words of advice to a 16 years old whose birthday it was, and told her to enjoy her youth days as the old life is never-ending.

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