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Salman Khan on completing his 3 Decades

Salman Khan, one of the most famous Bollywood actors. He’s been busy nowadays for promoting his new movie “Dabangg” which released on 20th December. When Salman was asked by a media person that how he felt about Dabangg and the integral part he has taken in scripting the whole series. Salman replied,

“There was no thought process in this one. Thoughts just kept on flowing in. That is how this one was done. We brothers were sitting and chilling and we just thought that we should do Dabangg. How we should do Dabangg? We should get into New York, we should get into these places, I said no yaar. I said we should show how he became Chulbul Pandey. And that’s how it started falling in place. That’s how we started working on it. This is a very organic one for us. Very organic one! Because of the way one and two were written, it was easy for us to continue.”

We have been working on Dabangg 3 from the last 7 years. But because I got other movies to do in the meantime and it was important to complete them in a given time frame, so we delayed it for a while. So now that we had some time free, we immediately start shooting Dabangg 3 and finished it as soon as possible.

Salman also shared that working on a sequel is sometimes scary because fans expect the next sequel to be better than the last one. I was not convinced to do another sequel but when I read the script, it took my interest. And if I’m interested, fans are Interested. That’s how my movies work.

He shared some other stuff related to the movie too. Like the dialogues in the Dabangg 3 are all original. He hasn’t used any of the fans giving dialogue as he had a competition for fans dialogue. He said none of the dialogue is inspired from anywhere, but all are original and every scene would be different this time. Since ‘Munni Badnaam’ was a huge hit and made a world record. It looks like ‘Munna Badnaam’ is also doing well as it just has been released a few days ago.

Salman becomes a bit emotional about completing his 3 decades in this industry, “The journey from ‘Biwi Ho Toh Aisi’ to ‘Dabangg 3’ has been the best ever,” he said.

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