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Salman Khan verdict on Coronavirus 2020

In the times of the coronavirus pandemic, Salman Khan expressed an appeal for his fans. Salman Khan is really concerned about the coronavirus pandemic since this virus is affecting countries one by one. He made two posts on Instagram both relating to coronavirus pandemic.

A day ahead of the Janta curfew move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Salman has taken to Instagram to thank those who are part of critical services and who are also out of their homes. He initially thanked the police force and health workers in all over India. He then requested everyone to maintain social distancing. He also asked people not to spread rumors about the coronavirus. He told everyone to take this issue seriously and follow the orders of the government. He discussed that many people think that they think that this won’t happen to them. But he acknowledged everyone that this coronavirus can affect anyone whether he is in train, bus or market. He seriously added that this is not a public holiday. He advised everyone to wear a mask, wash hands and maintain social distancing. He then raised a very important question that what is the issue if we take such measures and these measures will only save lives. He said that If this saves lives including your own then what is your problem?

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Messages like this are very important in such crucial times. Celebrities like Salman Khan have a huge fan following and his words can bring big impacts in the minds of his followers. Other celebrities should also come forward to spread awareness about coronavirus prevention.

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