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Shahrukh Khan’s Son Aryan Khan Bail

If you don’t know, let me tell you that the handsome son of Shahrukh khan, Aryan khan has been arrested due to a drug-dealing case. A bail plea was made at around 12:30 on the 18th of October, Friday, for the son of Shahrukh khan, Aryan khan, and the other seven people who were arrested in this case. They have been arrested due to a seizure of a ship going abroad with the banned drugs in Mumbai.
On Thursday, 7th October, 14 days of judicial custody were made against Aryan and the seven other boys.

Due to all the hectic things going around this news has also put the fans in jeopardy. The actors and actresses are in favor of Shahrukh khan and his son but the police are not compromising. They have even posted on social media of this matter supporting Aryan and in response, Aryan’s sister Suhana has liked them. But she didn’t comment on anything, even other celebrities also liked their posts of support.

After the hearing of the bail plea, the response of the court is no. They are not bulging from their decision. There is a hashtag trending on Twitter as release Aryan khan, with people all over India supporting the khan family but police are not paying any heed to them. The fans have gone as far as coming outside the khan’s house with banners of support to Aryan.

His bail plea was neglected and now let’s see what happens to the 23 years old Aryan Khan.

But all that could be said is that the fans are really angry that the court dismissed the bail plea. But they are still adamant, they will not rest until they free their beloved actor’s son. Let’s just hope that Aryan gets free from all these agendas and comes out as innocent.

The leader of the nationalist congress party Naeab Malik said in favor of Aryan that he was being framed just to show that the entire Bollywood is involved in drugs. He said that the people who escorted Aryan and others to the Mumbai office of NCB were not officers but private individuals. He also said that all this is just a conspiracy against Bollywood to show that all of them are somehow associated with drug dealers. This charge was denied by the NCB who said that the people who escorted them were two of the nine witnesses.

The day for the hearing of Aryan Khan’s bail “plea” was the birthday of Aryan’s mother, Gauri Khan. A lot of famous personalities wished her happy birthday and that she is the strongest woman to bear all the mess created by people. They showed support by saying that they are with her and Aryan in this matter.

Everyone close to him or those who knew him personally were fully confident that he wouldn’t do such a thing and is being absurdly accused. It was proven because Amit Desai who was fighting in Aryan’s case said that neither Aryan was on the cruise when the raid started nor he had drugs on him when he was arrested. So let’s see what happens now.

Now you must be wondering why Aryan was accused and why he was arrested. Well to answer your question, there are videos on YouTube that clearly show that Modi and BJP played a major role in Aryan’s arrest. They have always been opposed to Muslims in India’s entertainment industry and due to that, they have always tried to find something they can use against them to remove them all from India’s entertainment industry. If you want you can see the YouTube video made by the Maharashtra Neta about how Aryan was accused.

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