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Shots fired outside Taylor Swift’s house

Recently, an armed robbery took place near Taylor Swift’s house. In the incident, shots were fired during the robbery scene. It was New York City where Taylor swifts own a house of her.

The robbery took place at a sneaker store which was quite close to the residence of Taylor Swift. The  Grammy-award winning star owns a very expensive house out there worth around 18 million dollars. Police have recovered a couple of shell casing from Taylor Swift’s house and have revealed that 4 gunshots were fired during the incident. Bystanders stated that they saw two of the robbers were wearing blue jeans. No injuries and no casualties have been reported by the police. Taylor Swift owns another house near the town and the overall cost of these houses of Taylor swift is around 50 million dollars. Still, there was no indication that it was Taylor swift house which got targetted directly or indirectly. It is still unknown whether Taylor Swift was present while the robbery was happening. Neighbours of Taylor Swift have admitted that this is the second armed robbery that took place within this month.

Taylor Swift houses and properties are quite expensive. She needs to secure these properties and most importantly her safety otherwise Taylor swift net worth might get affected badly.

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